Trail Guide to the Body Palpation Guide to 91 Muscles (streaming video only)


Streaming video only. Not downloadable.

Mastering palpation requires practice and having someone guide you through it makes practice more effective. Trail Guide to the Body author Andrew Biel coaches students in this dynamic streaming video series based on the latest edition of the acclaimed textbook.

In these 50 videos, students will learn to palpate 91 muscles as well as key bony landmarks. This engaging series features more than 200 illustrated muscle overlay images from the textbook. It is an educational tool that students and practitioners will actually want to watch and use for palpation practice.

The muscle videos are categorized by the following body regions:

  • Shoulder & Arm
  • Forearm & Hand
  • Spine & Thorax
  • Head, Neck, & Face
  • Pelvis & Thigh
  • Leg & Foot

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