AFMTE Free Membership Offer

By clicking on this link, I agree to the promotion terms detailed below.

“I agree: Ask AFMTE to contact me for a free 1-year membership”

Be one of the first 25 individuals, who click on the link above, in order to receive an AFMTE 1-year Teacher Membership (a $75 value), which begins the day you join and runs for 1-year. IMPORTANT: Step 1. Copy and paste this message “I agree: Ask AFMTE to contact me for a free 1-year membership.” into the body of the email that will appear after you click. Step 2. Include your name and email address. By doing so, you Agree and Certify as Follows:

  • I’ll be a first-time member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE). (I’ve never been a member of AFMTE before).
  • I teach at a school that requires one or more textbook(s) published by Books of Discovery in its program.
  • I plan to use the AFMTE Teacher Membership to enrich my professional development and that of others.


Even more basic “fine print”: Any individual who applies to this Books of Discovery promotion, regardless of the success of their efforts, acknowledges and agrees:
  1. The 1-year AFMTE Teacher Membership (estimated value $75) will be paid by Books of Discovery. There may be terms and conditions for AFMTE membership (including terms and conditions about terminating an AFMTE membership), and you are responsible for following these terms and conditions.  REGARDLESS, Books of Discovery is not responsible for renewal fees or any fees other than the initial 1-year AFMTE membership fees.
  2. Books of Discovery will offer the AFMTE membership (for 1 year) to the first 25 qualified instructors who clicked on the “I agree” link. Books of Discovery does not warrant the accuracy of its methods of determining the qualification or timing of an applicant or winner. Furthermore, any applicant agrees to promptly provide verification of its certification if requested by Books of Discovery. While other individuals may qualify, only the first 25 individuals who properly respond to the offer by June 30, 2022, will receive the free membership. Thereafter, the entry period for the offer will be terminated.
  3. Books of Discovery makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding AFMTE or the AFMTE membership. The terms and conditions of membership of AFMTE can be obtained by contacting AFMTE.
  4. Any questions, comments, or communication regarding this promotion shall be directed in writing by email to or by mail to Books of Discovery Legal, 1800 Glenarm Place, Suite 503, Denver, CO 80202.
  5. Any dispute regarding this promotion will be addressed, governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Colorado, and any proceeding, suit, or action will be brought exclusively in the forum of Colorado.